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angle-left Livestream: Letters from Sparta with Cristian Violatti
Livestream: Letters from Sparta with Cristian Violatti

There is a way in which we can still travel and visit new places despite the current restrictions. Join the free livestream on history and archaeology that will take us on a journey of knowledge and imagination.

In the southeast Peloponnese, removed from the cultural center of Greece, lived the Spartans, whose sole occupation was the study of war. While central Greece was producing philosophers, poets, and scientists, Sparta produced the finest ground forces of the Aegean world. But there is much more to learn about Sparta besides their army: their myths, their culture, and their institutions are still as interesting today as they were to their ancient neighbors. It is no coincidence that the rest of Greece looked at Sparta with a mix of admiration and bewilderments.


Friday, 22nd May 18.30 - Letters from Sparta, part 1

Friday, 5th June 18.30 - Letters from Sparta, part 2


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A cooperation with Cristian Violatti, who usually organizes monthly English talks on history and archaeology at the Library Zug.

About your Guide:

Cristian is an independent author and public speaker with a strong passion for the human past. His educational background is in the field of archaeology.

For nearly five years, Cristian has been part of the content creation team at the online Ancient History Encyclopedia, as both key contributor and editor. He has published, edited, and translated hundreds of articles in both digital and printed media for several publishing organizations around the world, covering a wide range of topics such as the history of philosophy and science, language and writing development, human evolution, rise and collapse of civilizations, and world mythology, to name a few.

He lives in the small but stunning city of Zug, in central Switzerland, where he delivers conferences about history and archaeology.

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