Spotlight – Presentation Skills Workshop in 2 Modules

Spotlight – Presentation Skills Workshop in 2 Modules

Module 1: February, 14 and 16 | Module 2: February, 21 and 23 – The modules are different and independent of each other. You can take one or both. Taking both modules will give you a broader understanding of presentations.

This workshop provides tools to make original presentations that your audience will care about. These lessons apply to many fields, including business, culture, and education. Let's think about presentations creatively and quit the rigid corporate style.

This workshop is run by Cristian Violatti (Author and Public Speaker) and Laura Rodriguez (Young Talent).

Module 1 (Tuesday, February 14 and Thursday, February 16, from 18.00 to 20.00) - BOOKED OUT

  • Presentation structures
  • Openings
  • Point of Entry
  • Audience Engagement

Module 2 (Tuesday, February 21 and Thursday, February 23, from 18.00 to 20.00) - BOOKED OUT

  • Throughline
  • Script
  • Endings
  • Tips and Tricks

Participation is free of charge. Please register for each workshop via the links above.
This workshop is in English. 

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