History and Archeology Talks: Three Days at Troy

History and Archeology Talks: Three Days at Troy

Special event series on the Iliad with Cristian Violatti

Why is the Trojan War such an enduring story? Was it real or a myth? What do we know about Homer? These are the questions of Three Days at Troy, a special event series. Over three consecutive Thursdays, we will visit Troy and find our answers.

Thursday, 13 april, 18.30–19.30: «The Wrath of Achilles»
The Iliad has many stories and a central plot: the wrath of Achilles. This is the foundational story of western literature.

Thursday, 20 april, 18.30–19.30: «When it was Dark»
The Aegean World collapsed in 1200 BC, with hundreds of cities devastated and our civilization on the brink of destruction. The Iliad is an echo of this tragedy. How much history and myth is in the Iliad?

Thursday, 27 april, 18.30–19.30: «Homer's Shadow»
Homer is a ghost; when we cast a historical light on him, he vanishes. Why is he so elusive? Was he the author of the Iliad? Were there many Homers?

The event is hosted by Cristian Violatti, author and former editor of the Online Ancient History Encyclopedia.
Participation free of charge. Registration via library website.