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Bibliothek Zug (library of the city and the canton of Zug) is open to anyone who lives in the Zug region or works or attends school within the canton of Zug. The library has to be notified without delay of any change of address.

Library card
Registration is by presentation of an identity card. People who work or attend school in Zug can prove their eligibility by providing confirmation from their employer or by showing their student card. Registration is free of charge, but a replacement library card costs CHF 10.

The loan of books and other media is free of charge upon presentation your library card.
To register online, please send us the following information by e-mail: Mr/Ms, surname, first name, address, date of birth, mobile phone number, newsletter: yes/no and a photo of your valid identity card. By submitting your registration, you accept the terms of use of the Zug Library. We will send you your library card immediately by post.
You may borrow up to 15 items simultaneously. The library card also allows a max. of 15 downloads from the digital library.

Loan period
The loan period is 4 weeks. Digital items have shorter loan periods.

Seven days before expiration the loan period can be renewed twice for another 4 weeks. Renewals are not possible for documents that are reserved. If an item is reserved by another user during your renewal period, the renewal may be cancelled.
Renewals can be made either online by phone or in writing, giving your card number.

A reminder will be sent to the library user once the loan period has expired. A fine will be levied after the loan period expires, regardless of whether a reminder has been sent:
1st reminder: Fr. 2.--
2nd reminder: + Fr. 5.-- (10 days after the date due to return).
3rd reminder: + Fr. 10.-- (20 days after the date due to return).
After 3 unsuccessful reminders and a further notice of default (administration fee Fr. 5.--) legal action will be initiated.

Reservations can be made in the library, online or in writing and cost Fr. 2.--. This fee is not charged for children's books, books for teenagers or media from the digital library.

You will have to pay for any damaged or lost item at their purchase value. In your own interest, we request that you point out any already existing damages an item may have at the time you check it out. Users may not themselves repair any damage to media.

The full terms of use (in German) may be inspected by request, either in the library or online.

Terms_of_use_2014.pdf (87.3 kB)